What Should You Expect From Your Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contractor?

For that reason, you’ve made the choice to salvage as much of your historic composition as possible by cleaning, sanitizing and striping with frozen, extruded, carbon dioxide pellets, otherwise known as dry ice. cleaning contractors london

Wise choice.

Now, what should you expect from your dried out ice blasting contractor?

Initially and foremost, Air Top quality:

Your professional cleaning and restoration contractor should be able to make clear to you how his deck hands will separate, segregate, deal with and contain their work zones. 

Ice blasting is safe and environmentally reasonable. However, all restoration technicians create dust, debris and potentially hazardous dust. The cleaning professional must have a solid plan for keeping his procedure from damaging other contractors and their work zones.

Blast cleaning work zones should be properly ventilated and, if need be, properly blocked using ‘Air Scrubbers’ or ‘Negative Air Machines’ prepared with a new and properly operational HEPA filtering systems. If not more than that and at the very least, the blast cleaning work areas should be properly aired for maximum air movement and maximum fresh air exchange.

Next, Safety:

Happen to be all the members of your dry ice fun time cleaning team wearing the proper OSHA approved Personal Safety Equipment (PPE) for your specific cleaning environment?

The natural way, you, as the service provider or owner’s representative, have no way of knowing for sure the particular OSHA requirements may be. Even so, it is your right and perhaps even your duty to inquire.

At the minimum, your professional cleaning team should be wearing eyesight and ear protection, dust particles masks or respirators, safety gloves and possibly Tyvek suits or coveralls to protect the individual from sound, dust inhalation and possible contamination from existing poisons present in the composition.

Professionalism and Supervision:

Who may be your contact person? Who may be in charge of the day-to-day creation, integration and coordination of the ice blast cleaning crew(s) with the other trades?

Your cleaning service provider should provide a proficient professional to reply to questions, fit scheduling and handle or avert problems before they affect the flow of production of the complete job.

Your contact person should be well versed in dry ice blasting, have intimate knowledge of your particular jobsite and have the authority to make executive decisions as instructed to maintain the work stream and schedule.

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