What Gives Spa Hotels Their Feel-Good Factor?

Needless to say that a break at an excellent hotel has some serious feel-good factor, but a natter with a naturopath Sue Davis made us realise that there is really far more to it than meets a persons vision. Depending on what your preferred feature of a vacation, mini-break or weekend away, certain sense-simulating factors are going way beyond the aesthetic to stimulate serotonin. apartamentos

Good taste

Good food is a joy on so many levels. It is very literally a feast for the senses, whether is actually something warm and soothing in the cold weather, or fresh and healthy in the summertime. 

If you are a fan of seafood however then the particularly good news is that the Vitamin D seen in greasy fish actually is known as the mood-booster.

Gentle touch

Do you ever hear of cuddle clubs? Categories of other people get together and pay to get a collective hug because science shows that touch makes us feel better and can also increase the white blood skin cells.

Well it’s not like you will need an excuse to head to a spa hotel, but as it happens that with that thinking at heart, having a massage is about more than getting remove of those knots, is actually about all round joy.

Sight for sore eye

It always seems extraordinary to us how much happiness can be made during a walk encircled by trees, beautiful backyards and verdant countryside. Very well, in line with the chakras certain shades can really affect our mood in an optimistic way.

Violets and purples are optimistic but green is somewhat of a wizard when it comes to feeling happy. It is the colour of revitalization, it’s neutral and relaxing – all the things that one is usually not feeling by the time Friday afternoon comes along and you can’t let your nose from your elbow, and all the more reason to mind to a country house hotel.

Sound advice

Unsure about you but for almost all of us the day is frequently peppered with the sounds of various electronics pinging into action – Tweets, voicemails, text message messages, emails, phone phone calls, and software updates in abundance. It’s a never-ending stream of things and people demanding attention. It is not relaxing.

Sound does not have to be doing this though, it can be supremely uplifting. Think about the sound of surf crashing against the banks, a stream merrily making its way by using a garden where the only other sound is birdsong. If happiness experienced a sound it might definitely include a secluded waterside location like a hotel on the Isle of Skye.

Smell of de-stress

Were you aware that in Japan they frequently spray their industries with citrus essential essential oils in the mornings to boost productivity? Smell, it seems, makes a huge big difference to how we feel about life – lavender to relax and relax, mandarin to soothe kid tantrums, and citrus to remind us of the heady days of summertime.

For some that might mean heading overseas to wake up to the smell of lemon lines in the morning at your chosen hotel. Intended for others it might suggest booking a massage or taking a few essential oils with you to enjoy with a good book in a throw top bath.

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