SEO Jigsaw Glossary, Part a – a to Z SEO Glossary of Terms and Definitions.

Component A – I have compiled a new search engine optimization glossary to be put within the sub-pages of our new website. Our glossary is committed to different search engine optimization conditions and description currently doing the signal within the search engine optimization community. keyword ranking api

Part A; Search engine optimisation Glossary conditions starting with A:

Absolute Hyperlink:

1. A complete link is the complete way to whatever it is your seeking to reach.

2. The link is the immediate and full address to a file on the web. 

3. The hyperlink is also used for linking to other websites.

4. An absolute website link is a hyperlink that includes the full URL, consisting of the domain.

5. An absolute link is the full URL website link to the prospective page.


1. Accessibility is making sure the access of information is available to the widest possible audience.

payment payments on your Convenience means access to information for all.

3. Availability is around giving equal gain access to everyone.

4. Availability is something most web designers consider an ripe idea.

5. Accessibility no current laws in location to impose it.


1 ) AdSense is people paying to advertise on their own web space.

2. AdSense is a system that lets normal people earn lots of money using their website.

3. AdSense is an excellent possibility to earn extra capital from the web pages of your website.

4. AdSense is a situation based advertising system that analyses page content to suiting ads.

5. AdSense is fit for unique traffic and parked websites.


1 ) Ppc are paid advertising online rankings.

2. AdWords are basically small advertisements that appears for a certain keyword search.

3. Ppc are now displayed in the same colour as standard results.

4. Google adwords are simply just those words you spend on to attract clicks.

5. AdWords are a great way to improve site exposure and traffic.

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