Samsung Galaxy S Armani – A User Friendly Smart Device at Affordable Cost

The Samsung Galaxy S is the result of one marquee name putting it is stamp on the fantastic new phone. That timbre name is Samsung and now it has teamed with another marquee name, Giorgio Armani. Giorgio Armani is the Italian brand name that comes to mind when it comes to style and the new Samsung Galaxy T will be popping out in a limited edition that will have the stamps with this stylish brand name from Italy. Hence, it is one of the most exclusive Samsung Galaxy S phones that to own, but you have to hurry to get your own because Samsung has uncovered that only 800 of the fantastic new phones will be made totally. oneplus 6 cases

The Samsung Galaxy S Armani is simply a Samsung Galaxy S underneath with some fancy new clothes, but after taking one good looked to the product every person will be saying it is merely worth the money since it looks little or nothing less than stunning. This kind of new edition will be having a metal circumstance on the back. The normal telephone will be having only a plastic back, which not only looks cheap, but also does not provide great grip levels. The metal casing, on the other hand, provides fantastic grip levels along with class leading oomph’s of fashion. The mobile phone will also be arriving with special engravings of the words ‘Giorgio Armani’ just about the touchscreen display, which is not all been touched.

The Samsung Galaxy S is probably the only cellphone that is capable of being when you have such extravagant style subdivision since it is the only phone worthy of it. It was a 4 inch display which goes extremely well with the latest looks and in a word, it appears to be ‘stunning’. The phone will be coming with all other features as always like the gorilla goblet display for protecting the touch screen. Also, there will be 32 GIGABYTE of memory card support, although you can use the 16 GB internal memory space itself for all the basic needs. The product has a myriad of connectivity options including that of very high end options as well. It includes DLNA, 3-G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in it. Micro-USB connectivity option exists likewise for better and faster connectivity to your laptop or computer.

The camera also remains the same at five megapixels. Like in the original version, there are plenty of features that you will be getting with the camera which makes photography in this phone really effortless. Nevertheless the five megapixel camera does really seem to be to be a thorn in the feature set of an otherwise impressive phone. Samsung korea could have really done well by having an eight megapixel or even 12 megapixel camera with this phone. It is not like Samsung you don’t have the technology to make 12 megapixel cameras since it already has a phone running with similar kind of configurations. The telephone is currently sold in the United Kingdom in very limited numbers and the amount paid of it start at around? 590.

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