Patents: A Tool for Technological Intelligence

Patents are the most important supply of technological statistics. Patent are given to the inventor as a reward for its innovation within the form of the one of a kind right of the monopoly for a length of twenty years from the concern date of the inventionbecause of advancement inside the IT area and net, now those precious files are within the attain of the general public. Any man or woman professional in the art can go through diverse patent databases and after a seek can get the patent file in their want. There are specific patent databases viz, USPTO, EPO, JPO, and so on freely open for the general public get entry to. If we go through the patents related to a specific technological locationwe are able to be capable of locate the masses of information about the life cycle of the technological innovation viz., here

o evolutionary course of a specific generation,

o technological improvement

o technological diversification,

o generation merges,

o foremost players in particular technological vicinity,

o key factors of the precise era,

the sector highbrow assets organization (WIPO) found out that 90% to ninety five% of all of the world‘s innovations can be found in patented files.”

Patent evaluation can exhibits very treasured informations, which isn’t always available everywhere. After patent searchthe crucial component is the patent evaluation, and one should be very concise about their goal of the examine. The factsinside the patent documents can be utilized in specific form consistent with the need and mapped thus to get the photoof the complete evaluation in snapshots.

Patent facts can be used for the practise of technological landscapes. Logistic arithmetic and circle mathematics can bevery useful within the plotting of the technological landscapeit can screen the evolutionary trend of a generation, how it’s far evolved from a basic technologyin conjunction with the length of the technological diversification and its nature. those maps will also deliver the certain overview of the merging of the one of a kind technology to provide upward thrustto interruptvia technologythose types of maps may be very useful for the R&D personals to evaluate the placement in their research and era, and additionally they may discover way to extra innovate greater superior and valuablegeneration.

inside the contemporary worldwide context companies want to understand what technologies can competition choke without difficulty, and can be attempting toadditionally they want to realize the spaces in technology where oppositionis excessive, and the regions where competitors are concentrating their IP development and their R&D efforts. They needso as to tune patent acquisition and improvement techniques and chart out the aggressive landscapeto evaluate eraearlier than making any investment choicecompanies need to recognize the pace of patenting interest inside thetechnology, which patents embody essential thoughts inside the technology and the way vulnerable the company‘s technology are to patent infringements. this will supply them a good deal wished facts in identifying among eraimprovement and era acquisition.

The potential to extract applicable data from patent literature is a critical success component for everyone involved in technological innovation. The era mapping technique‘s that may be used to convert patent records into understandingthat may have an impact on selection-making.

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