Official Tibet Travel Guide – Must-See for Beginners (Part 1)

climate of Tibet:

1. How’s the climate in Tibet? Is it hot in summer? Is it very bloodless in wintry weather?

Tibet is in a excessive plateau, and it belongs to traditional downy special climate. Climates are pretty distinctive in one of a kind areas of Tibet. The jap Tibet that is at a lower elevation is hotter than western Tibet. In a few mountain areas, there are 4 seasons at the same time in unique altitude. The weather in a day varies substantially, too. The night is cold even asthe day is warm. It spans 12-15 degrees centigrade in a unmarried day. try here

weather in southeastern Tibet consisting of Nyingchi and Chamdo is balmy with a mean temperature of eight tierscentigrade; whilst in western Tibet (Shigatse and Nagqu) is quite cold with a median temperature below 0 degree

however inside the principal location of Tibet, the climate of Lhasa and Tsedang is more favorable for travellingvacationers can go to those two areas all year aroundno longer too hot in summer season and not too cold in iciness.

2. How is the road condition in wet season in Tibet? want I take any rainproof with me?

The rainy season in Tibet is mainly from June to August and it does have a completely bad effect on the roads. butthere are numerous music upkeep people and neighborhood military might additionally give help to repair the roads. usuallytalking, it only takes some hours to make the roads feasible again. As for the rainproof, you’re counseled to take raincoat, rain-evidence trousers and shoes in case you want to trek, climb the mountain or trip a motorcyclewhen you haveorganization excursions prepared via a few tour corporationsusually you don’t need to take rainproof with you, due to the fact Tibet frequently rains at night and the climate is pretty desirable in the daylight hoursbesides, the traveler bus is continually along side you.

3what is the excellent time to tour to Tibet?

commonly talking, early April is the beginning of travel season, which lasts to mid-June whilst a large quantity of chinesetourists rush to Tibet for summer holidayoverdue June to the end of countrywide excursion is the height journey season whilst some crucial fairs held in Tibet, like Shoton competition, Gyantse Dawa festival and Nagqu horse ridingcompetition. After mid October, Tibet turns to wintry weather and because the site visitors lessen substantiallyextrathan half of of hotels are closed for the terrible reservation.

As for the first-rate time to tour, it relies upon in your tour requirement.

1. in case you want an exceptionally cheap pricevisit Tibet in iciness, from December to next March. all the matters are quite reasonably-priced; even the traveller sites offer 30-50% bargain on entrance feeinns are reasonably-priced, too. you may experience five superstar motels with much less than 100USD consisting of breakfast. in comparison with traveling in August, the price of a iciness tour is best 50%-60% of a summer time tourdue to the negative amount of traffic, the Potala Palace lets in you to spend even an entire day in it. except, the clergymen aren’t busy and feature spare time to talk with you.

2. If you want hiking, do it at may also or September when the monsoon will never bother you and the weather is balmy and nice.

3if you love Mt.Everest and need to peer the clear face of it, try to keep away from the rainfall season and foggy weather.

fourif you like to go to the grass land in north Tibet, do the excursion in July whilst the vegetation bloom in largegrassland and groups of yak and sheep, Tibetan nomad tents spread all around the grassland.

5folks who want to power to Tibet via Sichuan-Tibet motorway need to keep away from the rainy season. There will bemudslides, cave-ins and mire on positive sections of the streetblocking off the passage of cars.

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