Major League Baseball Cards at Online Auctions – The Top 5 Most Popular Teams

Collecting major league baseball greeting cards has been an American past time for years. The truth is the first hockey trading cards were produced dating back to the 1860s! This was right when photography and snowboarding first started becoming popular. What makes trading football cards different these times from earlier times are the online auction sites. There’s never been more involvement in collecting baseball cards. Rack Packs

Who are the most popular clubs at these online internet shops? I decided to do some investigating to learn for myself. I used a few different methods to decide which groups were the most popular major league teams, at least in regards to baseball card sales. 

In this article are my results:

you. Yankees. This no wonder as the Yankees are the top franchise in major league baseball in the major city in the US. I was slightly surprised at just how much ahead of second place they are really. Although it’s more than just popularity. It’s business. The Yankees cards from many years ago are incredibly much in demand because they were the top team in baseball with the most stars.

2. Red Sox. Not that big of your surprise either. The Purple Sox are an old established team with many superstars before and are in an important metropolitan area.

3. Dodgers. The Dodgers of course include the old Brooklyn Dodgers and the current Los Angeles Dodgers. A historic and successful franchise in two major cities. They were not far behind the Red Sox by any means.

4. Cubs. The Cubs are loved by their enthusiasts. The franchise has got it’s fluctuations, but their fans are as dedicated as any. Many great players in their long history also.

5. Leaders. Similar to the Dodgers of course in that they started in Ny and moved out western to San Francisco. Not really as many championships but a history of great players on both shorelines. The Willie Mays greeting card is one of the most popular cards online.

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