Low Cost Recruitment Solutions – The Best Way to Work

Inexpensive Recruitment solutions as proposed by the growing flat cost niche within the hiring industry give you a real substitute for the traditional % cost recruitment agency. Some within the sector would state that the lower cost alternatives offered will diminish the ‘professionalism’ of the hiring industry, arguing that it is not possible to give a full professional service for such a low cost. But low priced does indeed not have to myself ‘cheap’ or ‘unprofessional’, low cost recruitment if conducted effectively and within the guidelines of the REC will actually enhance the professionalism of the industry. cadastro hinode 2018

Currently within the recruiting industry the established payment based recruiters wish to show how professional their sales staff are, however on the ground these similar sales staff are constantly driven to increase sales then when you are targeted to send at least 5 CV’s per vacancy and sign-up at least one new vacancy per day it soon becomes a stock for sending out as many CV’s as is feasible to meet your KPI concentrate on, no wonder HR operators are tired of experiencing from recruiters and simply hit delete when yet another canvassed CV gets in their in package!

I recently attended a conference for Recruitment Providers, and I was surprised to hear the great majority of agency owners describe their staff as SALES people, yes sales is part of the job but it should only be part of the job not THE job.

There must be an improved way, and due to continued rise of affordable recruitment companies there is:

The recruitment industry has been revolutionised by the growth of the internet, mobile communications and sociable media. Within the previous 5 years the way most of us work has considerably changed, and this includes they way we apply for jobs. It can be well documented that up to 90% of job applications are now completed online, as recruiter myself I actually rarely receive CV in the post, the huge majority of applications are via email and the source of the applications from the various job sites rather than from the traditional job section in the costly magazines. Employers can now advertise their vacancies to a far wider catchment area, attracting talent from all over the globe, which has it positives and negatives. On the positive side with online hiring you will receive a much richer pool of applicants, no longer constrained to just ‘local’ ability who happen to by the newspaper you marketed in. But this increase in the pool of applications comes with the increases responsibility of controlling all applications fairly and within the guidelines of employment law. All applications must be given the same level of concern, but also for a busy HOURS manager this may heavily increase their work load.

Envision if you will a HR Manager places offer for Retail Manager on their chosen job sites, within 5 days 40 applications have been received by the time the campaign closes after 13 days 200+ applications have been received for one job. The HR Administrator or officer then has to commence recording and short-listing all the applications, and responding to all applicants, just imagine the level of administration linked to this. This is a time consuming process yet the one that may easily be outsourced to an affordable recruiting company, who will have technology to effectively publish all applications and deal with the ‘administration’ efficiently. Making certain the hiring companies brand and reputation is guarded and the best individuals are short-listed for final interview.

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