How to Avoid a Bad Experience With a Home Foundation Repair Contractor

Residing in South Texas is a pleasurable experience almost all of the time. You get used to the hot and moist weather and getting caught up in 410 traffic during rush hour. And if you do not like the hot and wetter weather, you can hang on a few days and experience cool and blowy, gusty, squally, bracing, turbulent weather. It is the wet weather that can cause problems to your home’s foundation. Kilgore

Just ask the individuals moving into the Centex community whose houses are being threatened by a retaining wall problem and massive soil movement. 

Southwest Texas from Dallas Fortification Worth to Houston to Austin to San Antonio is located on top of a very expansive clay surfaces which has high bloating potential. This according to Geology. com.

Hopefully this story can help you find a reliable groundwork contractor that will be there to fix your home’s foundation problems without leaving you high and dry like the weather.

About three or four years ago my daddy chose to do something about the cracks in the walls resulting from the house settling in the soil and the doorways jamming and sticking necessitating adjustments just about whenever it rained.

So this individual got a few rates from a few technicians who said they could fix a problem and offered a lifetime warrantee on their work. This individual went with a low priced contractor who was not going to find the required building lets from the location to do the work.

He was also going to have a subcontractor and his staff to do the work. Best suited away this would have arranged off a few security alarm bells.

However, been somewhat frugal, cost was one of the biggest issues and main reasons why this company was chosen.

So they started to do the work with the pier and beam foundation, they dug holes and filled them with concrete and flexible anchors to level the house.

They finished the job and were absent a few days later not to be read from again. Even after repeated phone calls that some settling was still occurring and the anchors needed adjusting the builder would not fulfill his promise.

Fast forward to a year ago and in your mailbox showed up a bankruptcy notice saying that the company was filing bankruptcy and under no more obligation but to fulfill its claims.

The foundation is still settling and is not completely leveled and now my father is buying more reputable foundation repair company to redo the task at a higher cost that the bankrupt company would not fully complete.

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