DO’s and DON’Ts When Teaching Driving Lessons to Your Teen

Having difficulty giving your teenage kids their first driving lessons? Here are some things to do, and points to avoid doing, to help your kid successfully complete this important ‘rite of passage’. refresher lessons


— Receive competent and professional traveling lessons from an approved driving school. This will not only usually get you a discount for insurance premiums; this is also a recommended way to preserve your own sanity! If teaching, going, instructing is not your parenting cup of tea, then driving lessons from professional instructors are your way out. 

— Ahead of your child takes the job interview, require them to log at least twelve hours of practice driving a car, more hours than the minimum requirement. This will likely eliminate any fake sense of security and overconfidence, which they could feel if they were just given minimal traveling lessons.

— Inform your child via Spiderman: with driving comes great responsibility. With this new advantage, require your kid to undertake more responsibilities. This kind of may include cleaning the vehicle, taking them to the car wash, driving to the mechanic for check-ups, and other these tasks.

— Draw an arrangement with your child; established limits. These include not allowing night driving, no sleep-overs if they happen to be driving the car, etc. Be aware, this could be the best time to set new rules and hand over greater duties to your teen — they will take all, so long as the novelty of the operating experience lasts!


— Scare your kids! Images of gruesome road injuries may have been used during your own traveling lessons, but today’s way is much different and hopefully, more rational than lessons and instruction methods in the 70s. The main element here is positive strengthening.

— Let them get their driving lessons from a friend! This might be good when comparing notes and exchanging experience, but this is never recommended to teach objectivity, responsibility, and safety driving. Kids being kids, teens are most likely to do tricks and such daredevil thinking while driving with their friends. The result is that more accidents take place when teens drive with teens.

— Be a bad teacher! Always arranged a good example. When ever driving with your young, the best driving lessons are definitely the ones they actually observe you doing. Consider extra care to follow all traffic rules, never skirt any law, strip up, obey speed boundaries, never drink-drive (even a glass of wine targets under this, in this time) and always be a super patient driver.

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