Collecting Die-Cast Trucks

Die cast tractor trailers are one segment of the die cast vehicle market. Tractor-trailers are attractive to collectors because they are available in many custom-made schemes as well as company illustrations. Many collectors focus only on die-cast tractor-trailers, while others will choose a few models to add to their die-cast vehicle collection. Imprinted tractor-trailers can be good gifts for folks who acquire a certain brand, such as Boston ma Red Sox merchandise. In any case, die-cast tractor-trailers offer an interesting gathering up alternative to the die cast cars that are available. magnesium die casting

Die-cast tractor trailer models have been around practically as long as the trucks themselves. Some current manufacturers are resurrecting old tractor-trailer designs from the 1950s and 1960s and re-releasing them to new audiences. Older die-cast tractor-trailer models are more difficult to come by. We were holding not created as prolifically as automobiles. 

While there are numerous die-cast tractor-trailers that can be categorized as toys, the bulk of tractor-trailer replicas, especially those in the bigger scale ranges, are designed as collectables.

Die-Cast Tractor-Trailer Suppliers
Many of the manufacturers that produce die cast automobiles and other vehicles also manufacture die-cast tractor-trailers. Some of these manufacturers include:

– New Beam: Manufactures a wide variety of tractor-trailer replicas from big rigs to building vehicles
– Tonkin: Makes a Precision series which can be highly custom-made
– Ertl: Tractor-trailer replicas include Steve Deere branding and other farm themes
– Cast Promotions: Tractor-trailer replicas include major trucking and interstate freight companies
– Ulrich: Manufactures vintage tractor-trailer models
– Upper Deck Collectible items: Manufactures mostly sports printed tractor-trailers

In most instances, the tractor-trailer replica lines are only part of a manufacturers product directory, which could include other vehicles such as vehicles, farm equipment, fire pickup trucks, and construction vehicles.

Types of Die-Cast Tractor-Trailers
Right now there are two styles of printed tractor-trailers. The first are trailers that replicate the imprinted trucks seen on the highways. These vans can include food service companies such as Sysco and Papa Johns Pizzas, trucking companies such as Interstate Systems or Carolina Freight, or high-profile suppliers such as Wal-Mart or Target.

The other type of imprinted tractor-trailers is targeted on the collectibles market. These kinds of tractor-trailers can include college or university and professional sports clubs, retailers, and companies who have tractor-trailer models custom made as promotional items.

In most cases, all types of die-cast tractor trailer models are centered on actual vehicles. Vehicles from manufacturers such as Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, and Mack are normally found in small form in die-cast tractor-trailer models.

Nevertheless , the world of die-cast tractor trailers includes more than simple box trailers. Available die cast models include military vehicles, construction vehicles, flatbed vehicles and even horse trailers.

Some manufacturers even offer customization packages for their die-cast tractor-trailers. Customization of tractor-trailer replicas has gained interest since the premiere of Shows like Tip My Truck on CMT. These customization packages allow collectors to make a truly unique tractor-trailer for their collection.

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