Are Electric Radiators Efficient?

Rad experts are frequently asked whether electric radiators are “efficient” and, more specifically, whether storage heaters are more “efficient” than any other types of electric heating. radiadores

In terms of radiators, the word “efficiency” can be interpreted in many ways. From your experience, when a customer asks “Which radiators are the most effective? ” they could mean:

Which radiator offers out the most temperature for its size? 
Which will radiator is the least expensive to run?
Which radiator uses the least fuel?
Which usually radiator heats up the quickest?
Which radiator is most environmentally friendly?
Electric powered radiators are generally viewed as being 100% effective as almost 100% of the electricity consumed by the radiator is changed into heat and released into the room. (This differs from piped warm water central heating systems where a number of the heat can be lost through the pipes on route to the radiators and the boiler. ) So that it could be contended that electric radiators are equal in efficiency as the put into the radiator will equal the amount of heat publish.

So the questions above may not be answered by looking at efficiency; instead the key to choosing the best electric radiator is to decide which would be most effective in your specific situation.

This kind of article aims to give clear information and facts to help you decide on the electric heating product that best matches your specific lifestyle and heating needs. This will then permit one to minimise any wasted energy, which in turn will help reduce the amount of gasoline you use, therefore minimizing the expense of your power charges and your impact on the environment.

Whichever form of electric heating you choose, we always suggest taking a look at the various energy providers’ data plans to compare pricing as the expense of electricity can change significantly; pricing does not only vary between suppliers but also between the wide varieties of charges proposed by each supplier.

Listed below we have provided a summary of the electric heating options available on the market detailing their positives and negatives to help you choose which option is the best for your home.

Electric heaters or electric radiators generally come in two distinct styles:

Storage heaters; or

In demand heaters, namely;
Bright heating panels;
Convectors; and
Liquid-filled electric radiators.

Safe-keeping heaters

These use the cheaper electricity that is available through the night on an economy tariff. Electricity is employed to heat up hard bricks within the heating unit overnight which then “store” the warmth and slowly release it slowly but surely over the course of the pursuing day. Storage heaters were historically seen as the only real alternative to gas central heating and are still a common sight in homes across the UK.

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